Monday, July 8, 2013

training, leadman, gear...

I've been getting in some great training (thanks Patrick) since the Leadville Marathon. I backed up the marathon with 2 solid rides (Sun, Tue) of 3hrs and mostly climbing. Lots of 12-20min efforts just below threshold. I am def getting stronger with less effort. Wed after the Marathon I did a great 3.5hr run in middle of the day heat (about 20miles and 3,500ft). Friday (60min spin, 40min run)...and SAT knocked out a 4hr run (4k of vert, 22miles)...obviously a bit tired but feeling solid. On the 4th we hiked up to St Mary's glacier with the boys for Ryder's Birthday (extra hike miles!) and hung out.
(look at MAX powerhiking/running!)
GEAR NOTES: I've been seriously running through some shoes and have been trying to nail down what to wear for Leadville. I ran the Marathon in the Salomon S-Lab sense and its a great shoe but I don't feel it has enough cushion/padding for more than 50k (for me). I've been happy with the Saucony Peregrines, and Pearl Izumi N1...and have been doing a lot of my longer runs in the Saucony Kinvara but it lacks the traction for long off road runs. Lucky for me someone at Pearl Izumi sent me some of the Emotion N2 shoes and I tested them on a 5mile super tech/rough run, and then a 4hr mountain run with lots of vert. I was VERY impressed. I think I found the perfect shoe for Leadville (for me). Neutral, light, and flexible, but good cushion. Enough that they still felt cushy after 4hrs (my peregrine's, and Salomon's don't)...a couple more long sessions in these for peace of mind but I feel good about 100miles in these shoes. Pearl Izumi nailed it. I have also been using the Ultimate Directions AK vest for long runs. I usually prefer holding bottles and have been a fan of UD for a few years (I buy all of it)...but for Hope pass and when I need to carry more fuel this vest is sick! super light and no rubbing (even when shirtless)..easy to toss my shell and phone in back. Works perfect and I forget about it...and I feel good supporting a Colorado brand with serious badass dudes behind it.


jameson said...

solid training dude... a good gear choices.

I run in a lot of shoes... and have tried all the one you mentioned and am still looking for that magic pair. i am stoked to hear your review of the PI kicks. I ordered 2 pairs yesterday. the trail and road M2's (i need a bit of support). can't wait to give them a go.

I ran with my AK vest for the first time this past weekend. so rad.

keep ripping dude... and looking for to seeing you smash it in leadville in just over a month.

Luke Jay said...

Thanks man. Definitely the best "long" shoe I've run in so far. Sounds like you are like me cause I am always trying new shoes and have way too many.