Monday, August 12, 2013

Leadville trail 100 mtb report

Feels good to get this done!...and even better to have a solid day of racing with zero issues. I really enjoyed the race and even slightly got caught up in the "Leadville hype" that exists during these 2 weeks. My wife Becca is amazing and did a great job helping me get ready race morning and supporting me at Twin Lakes with Adrenalin Cycles crew of Wade and Adam, and my parents. The race started at 6:30 and it was chilly (38degrees) after a 4mile descent and dirt road the climbing started up Keivens pass. I was blown away how many dudes were completely blowing up on the first climb...I even saw an aero helmet dude!. My whole goal with this 100 mile race was to ride within myself the whole day since I have this little run next weekend of 100miles. Me and coach Patrick had set-up time splits for about an 8:20 pace as we felt I could comfortably do this without killing myself. I hit aid stations at mile 25, 40, 50 ALL within 1-2 minutes of my planned split times so I was stoked and felt great. I turned it down a notch every time I felt like going harder. After the long slug up columbine (it hurt a bit for sure!) I ripped the descent and made up some free time. Hit Twin lakes (60miles) and felt great. I backed off a good paceline that felt too hard of 8 guys on the road before powerline climb. I knew we had a long grind up that beast. Within the first 5 minutes I had caught and passed 7 of them. I was able to push up powerline a bit (since I knew I was within 2hrs of finish) I wasn't feeling stellar but I probably passed 15 people so I knew I was feeling better than most. Hit the road climb and grinded that out with a couple solid dudes. My legs felt good so I pushed a bit the last 45 minutes and was able to ride an 8:10. Meet my amazing family at the line, grabbed some fluids and food. Soaked in the creek by our campsite for some mountain recovery. On sunday we had the 10k run at noon. Pretty un-motivated to run fast or I decided to just cruise the 10k and get ready for the 100. It appeared Bob Africa, and Donnie Haubert (both also doing Leadman) had the exact same plan, it was very cool running and chatting the entire 43minute 10k with those dudes. I got a week to prep/recover for the Leadville 100mile run. I' m so stoked to give this thing a shot and am just looking forward to the whole experience.

Huge Thanks to the sponsors who are part of the adrenalin project like CHAMPION SYSTEM clothing (hit me up if you need any custom kits made) LIFEPROOF phone cases, SWIFTWICK for the best socks around, GIRO CYCLING for the killer shoes, helmets, gloves. ADRENALIN CYCLES for keeping the bikes running smooth and stocking the best gear, and OAKLEY for the amazing shades.

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jameson said...

more awesome dude. reading all your reports have me about 30 seconds from the pulling the trigger and signing up for LM. See ya in a few days!