Friday, July 11, 2014

catch up...

So I recently saw I hadn't updated this in months. SO here goes. The last few months in a few paragraphs since I am such a wordsmith. Maybe that's why instagram is more appealing.

MARCH: Ran just enough to roll through an awesome 50k back at the end of march in Oregon. We where able to leave the boys with my parents and have a great weekend in Portland together. The race was amazing! Definitely check out the Gorge Waterfall 50k . I managed to actually look at the profile a couple days before the race and realized there was a lot more climbing than I thought (6k!). I managed to shuffle pretty well the first 22 miles and felt solid. I rolled my ankle on the only short road section of this super technical course (of course). Had to slow down and be really careful about the ankle the last 9 miles .  Still had a ton of fun and cruised in around 4:58 (15th place).

APRIL: Heading to Moab with rest of the dudes from THE ADRENALIN PROJECT  we got some great riding and team beer drinking done in style. Patrick and myself decided to hop in and race the Adventure Extreme adventure race that same weekend. Our team took home the win and even some real cash. We raced 6.5hrs of mtb, rappelling/ropes, running, kayaking, orienteering. These races are super fun and always well done. I felt flat on the run (probably still from the 50k) but fitness was ok.

JUNE:  Headed to Vail with Becca and the boys for GOPRO Mountain games. Its a huge festival party of racing and events. I have been doing the Ultimate Mountain Challenge the last couple years and its way tough but way fun. SAT was the downriver kayak race (I think 4 miles?) ..the water is was really high and ripping pretty good which is a little nerve racking when I'm an intermediate kayaker (at best...when exaggerating). Got through the kayak without flipping but got eddied out in a couple big holes so I lost a bit of time. A couple hours later we raced the (22mile) mtb race. I felt crappy and flat the whole time. Except on the downhills...which are super fun. On SUN was the "10k" trailrace. Which is really 7+miles and 2k of climbing. I felt great and pushed the pace and finished 10th overall in a stacked field. Last event was the road bike TT and I was pretty sauced so I did what I could. Overall I finished 6th in the ultimate challenge (pro)....out of 8..shhhh.

For training I have been definitely been running more than cycling and that has shows. Since training for Leadville last year...I really look forward to getting up high in mountains for long runs. Organized training for Run Rabbit Run begins this weekend with a solid hope pass run after silver rush 50mile mtb...I was also able to get up and get in a Greys and Torreys summit run. I'm pretty focused for steamboat and feel like I have a lot more fitness to gain over the next 30-60 days.


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