Friday, May 8, 2015

well ok

My every 6month update....and gotta say I'm excited for 2015. Started off the season as I have the last couple with a great MOAB training camp and we also raced the ADVENTURE XTREME adventure race with Patrick Valentine. We won last year and had hoped to win again, but after missing a checkpoint and losing a bit of time we didn't have a big enough cushion starting the long paddle section. We out ran and out biked the guys that beat us, but with a faster paddle they came out on top. Still had a ton of fun and good to push hard for 7hrs (ouch). We also did some killer Moab riding and rode Captain Ahab's for the first fun! I now have a new favorite Moab trail.

Training is good and I got Patrick coaching me again for this season of races. My main focus is SAN JUAN SOLTICE at the end of JUNE...this classic 50miler in the San Juans looks amazing and hard. After that I'll be gearing up for some long days up high as I train for the BEAR100 in Utah.

MAY-Deer creek 1/2 marathon (trail race)
JUNE-GoPro Games (ultimate mountain challenge)
JUNE- San Juan Solstice 50 run (so psyched for this one)
SEPT- The BEAR100 run (equally psyched)