Tuesday, April 12, 2016

2016 plans

Here we go....training is in swing and things are getting closer, so it time to update the old blog. I recently read somewhere that blogs are old school. So until I get back on MySpace here is my season update and schedule.  My main focus for this summer is Leadville 100. Was stoked to get in and since it was my first 100 miler back in 2013 (as part of Leadman) I am excited to see how much "faster" i can go on the course. I've been focusing a bit more in getting back some leg speed and running more flats as it can help tremendously on the Leadville course. Ran more steady than ever over the winter but definitely got a nice break in JAN. Been doing a lot more core work thanks to Becca's weekly class and having our basement gym fully done. I've also got some non race adventures planned with some fastpacking, bikepacking, 14ers, and some more Longs Peak Duathlon action. Happy trails.


MAY- Fear the Deer 1/2 marathon (awesome trail half with over 2k of vert in 13miles)    
JUNE- Gopro mtn games
JUNE- Dirty 30 50k. Tough course and good competition. (I think I'm more competitive with longer races, but looking forward to a 5hr sufferfest)
JUNE-Leadville Marathon
SEPT-NOV- Cyclocross races

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Chris Boyack said...

Great schedule, Luke! It will be fun to see you tear up Leadville now that you know the course so well from racing and pacing, plus having non-Leadman legs this time.